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3D Bioprinting

High resolution 3D printing of volumetric structures – 

We developed a uniquely formulated media used to support printing of extracellular matrix-based biomaterials. The hybrid material, comprised of calcium-alginate nanoparticles and xanthan gum, presents superb qualities that enable printing at high resolution of down to 10 microns, allowing fabrication of complex constructs and cellular structures. This hybrid also presents an exclusive combination of desirable properties such as biocompatibility, high transparency, stability at a wide range of temperatures and amenability to delicate extraction procedures. 

3D printing of patient specific tissues and organs –

Our lab develops technologies to print specific patient-derived hydrogel and cells. One of our long-term goals is to recapitulate the heart function by replacing the infarcted organ with a 3D-printed version of a functional heart.

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