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Meet the team

Lab manager

Prof. Tal Dvir

Principal investigator

Dr. Assaf Shapira

PhD Students

Ester-Sapir Baruch

Developing smart biomaterials for 4D printing of heart tissues

Itai Cabilly

3D printing of functional heart chambers and vascularized whole hearts

Michael Namestnikov

3D printing of the kidney

Hadas Oved

Engineering bionic hearts

Eric Silberman

3D bioprinting of injectable vascularized cardiac patches

Melanie Flury

Engineering functional intestine with built-in electronics

Lital Ben Lulu

Engineering cortical implants

to treat stroke

Roni Cohen

Engineering neuronal tissues with built-in electronics for brain-machine interface

Lior Perry

Engineering dopaminergic

neuronal implants to treat Parkinson's disease

Eden Pal


Yahel Shechter

Developing advanced technologies for engineering functional spinal cord implants

Jennifer Shatsky


MSc Students

Elisabeth Riska

Engineering neuronal tissues

Nell Racabi


Daniel Rosner

Cardiac pacemaker engineering

Yuval Shlibovski​​


Eynav Livne

3D printing of the kidney

Sunny Lustov


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